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The Year Winds Down

The year is finally winding down. Haydn Creation last week. Opera Gala this week. Now it's just juries and tour (Cuba this year).
I really love this time. The pressure is finally starting to dissipate. It's not that I'm less busy; There are still plenty of juries, recitals, meetings, and projects to complete. It's just that the pressure of planning an event, while at the same time thinking about the event after that one and the event after that and the event after that, has lifted. Some folks can do that all year long. For me, it can be draining, and I really look forwad to summer to recharge.
My summer will be spent in a number of ways. Mornings will be exercise, and then a little work. Score study, finding repertoire, a few small research or long range planning projects. Afternoons will be spent advising incoming music majors and non-majors interested in participating in music. Evenings will be spent with deep family time: grilling (I'm pretty good, I must brag), playing with kids, and just easy friends and family time. Maybe sometime we'll grill a whole pig, Cuban-style. Then the family will spend a few weeks on the road, seeing my family and my wife's, on opposite coasts. I can't wait.
So I wish you all the best as your year (hopefully) winds down. I hope you have a chance to spend more time with family. Get to the gym more, or just walk to the park. Maybe do a little easy intellectual exploration, like reading composer biographies or playing through scores for next year. Eat some good food. I hope you get to travel, and see old friend and family far away. And then, we'll do it all again. Because that is what we do.