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Choir banquet

I am in my first year at the high school level.  We are planning to have an end of the year banquet.  Do you have any good ideas for planning?
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on May 7, 2014 4:47am
You have not indicated whether your choir is in a large or small school, a large choir or a small choir, rural or more urban setting, established or fledgling choral program at the high school, whether there are certain expectations aligned with the band program at your school, whether you have a choir boosters program to help with the expenses of the banquet.  You've also not indicated whether you and your students consider the past year a triumphant success or whether the past year was a challenging one.  While I am sure that your first year with the choir is memorable, whether and how you want to memorize the year is another matter.  All of these are considerations for the banquet at your first year at the high school. 
An end of the year banquet can be much fun and a positive way to end the year together.  It can also be helpful for recruitment for the following year.  Since this is your first year at this position, it is also precident setting, so one needs to carefully consider the planning.  
If you have money, it might be nice to have a formal or semi-formal event at a local resteraurant or off-school where everyone could be seated in a private room.  If you have a wonderful formal room at your school to which students don't usually have access, it can be an honor to have the banquet at that location. 
If you have a good picture of the full choir, you might give that picture to each member at the banquet.  Some awards, chosen carefully, could be especially cherished by your members.  I had my choir officers make-up fun awards, so that every student received one, although there had to be careful guidance so that all awards were positive memories.   For some choir members, it was difficult to find an award catagory that suited the individual.
In addition, you might give awards yourself to:  
Graduating Seniors
Choir Officers
Student Accompanist(s)
Section Leaders
Best attendance
Most Improved Choir Member (or Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) - this was one of the most coveted awards where I taught
Most Promising Professional Musician/Singer
Best wishes to you as you build your program at your new job.  It is an exciting time for you and your students.  Best wishes.
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on May 8, 2014 6:22am
Thank you!!
on May 7, 2014 5:12am
Do you mean planning the music, or the food, or how to get people to buy tickets...?
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