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Remedy for evening performace conflicts

After thirteen years in a small rural school, I have come to realize that conficts with evening performances are not unique to my school but maybe avoidable.  I am thinking about having all of my public performaces during the school day.  My school has a thirty-five minute time slot for tutoring, class meetings, etc.  I used this time to rehearse a select ensemble but still ran into biology boot camp, remediation, algrebra boot camp etc. This time slot is right before my HS choir period.  I am thinking of giving parents plenty of advanced notice of the concerts.  This daytime perormance would eliminate conflicts and problems such as; transportation issues, work, other school activities, sports, family obligations, high gas prices...etc.
Anyone else out there doing this or have tried it?  Let me know.
on May 8, 2014 4:25pm
They did this in the elementary schools in our district during a contract dispute. In elementary daytime performances are not unusual. A high school director that I know schedules his performances for 3pm on Sundays. It's late enough to be after church, religious schools, and there tends to be large crowds with extended family because it's a weekend. The kids perform then everyone goes out to eat. 
Not a bad idea.
on May 9, 2014 4:43am
We've had our highest concert attendance at Sunday afternoon concerts. However some directors- and the director's spouses- often dislike them very much since they take away a big chunk of weekend. Make sure you check with your students and their families. There might be as many sports, church, musical theater, dance, etc. conflicts as on an weeday evening.
on May 9, 2014 11:23am
Why are sports and biology boot camps less important than chorus?
Part of being a musician involves learning to juggle schedules, deal with conflicts, and commit to irregular dates far in advance. From an educational perspective, this is a valuable life lesson. If your school supports your program, you have to convince them that it is part-and-parcel with the activity.
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