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An invitation from Mary Breden - Can you consider joining our 2015 France choir festival?

Location: France
Dear choral friends

My choir from Loyola Marymount College is joining with a select number of other US choirs to stage a summer 2015 choral festival in Paris.

In addition to our gala concert in the La Madeleine, and our proposed concert in the Cathédrale Saint-Louis de Versailles, are opportunities for additional individual concerts. We will tour Paris and my choir is heading North to pay our musical respects to the fallen at Normandy while one of the other choirs is heading South to the French Riviera for their extension tour.

I would be pleased if you would consider joining us in France on this great Parisian musical adventure.

Répondez s'il vous plaît RSVP KIconcerts

Dr. Mary Breden
KIconcerts - France Choir Festival with Mary Breden, Summer 2015
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