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New secular children's Christmas song

Good morning!  I'd like to share a little song that I've co-written with an American lyricist, Linda Marcus, the author of words for many songs, including 'River in Judea'.  As a composer from the UK, I suppose I'm just testing the waters, to see if this song will appeal to schools and community choirs in the US.  It's called 'Christmas Time in the Eyes of a Child'. I haven't posted it yet on Composers' Showcase, but have just put a version on youtube which will enable you to see and hear the song.  
As it's currently not published, I'd be happy to send anyone a free pdf of the score to try out, if you contact me with your email address. The song is in unison, with a piano accompaniment.   It begins:
It's that special time of the year
When the snowman smiles and the reindeer fly
And a jolly old man with a long, white beard
Gets ready to go on a sleigh ride...
I hope you enjoy it!   Here's the youtube link:
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