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"Unfinished Melodies" a CCMC Collaboration

A CCMC Collaboration has lead to the premier of "Unfinished Melodies" by the Washington Park High School Concert Choir in Racine, WI.   Robert Ross, Linda Marcus and I, with help from Ken Matejka wrote a piece in memory of those lost in the Newtown tragedy. I asked my music teaching colleagues if any would consider performing it and Heather Lopp who followed me as the Choir Director at WPHS excitedly took it on.   My daughter has sung in her program for four years and sang the descant at the premier.  
It was an excellent experience all around and our team is very proud of the results.  Many people in the audience expressed their gratitude for the piece and many were visibly moved by the music and text. 
Have a listen and share your thoughts about it.  
on May 14, 2014 4:19pm
Beautiful piece, Jack.  So tender and heartfelt, with a wonderfully contrasting passionate passage, and I especially enjoyed the brief descant and also the way it ended (too bad some of the audience started applauding too soon).  I caught most of the lyrics, but have some hearing loss that makes it tough or impossible to hear everything clearly.  I did go to the Showcase and looked at the PDF afterward, but some of the pages, and thus the lyrics, are missing in the sample score.
Would it be possible for you to post all of the lyrics here, so that I (we) can follow them as we listen to the song again?
I hope that more choirs will perform the piece.  It truly deserves to be sung widely and often.  You and Robert, Linda, and Ken should all be very proud of what you've created.
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