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Lovely Child, Holy Child

The David N. Johnson arrangement of "Lovely Child, Holy Child" lists "Bethlehem" as the source. Does anyone have any idea from where this would have come? I checked the Billings and that does not seem to be the origin. I know it came from a folk carol, but I was looking for more specifics. Any information would help.
Daniel Clark
 "Lovely Child, Holy Child" link- 
on May 22, 2014 5:29am
Hi--Thanks for the link.  We've sung this at our church.  Haunting alleluias!  I think "BETHLEHEM" is the name of the tune.  The source is listed at the bottom of the page:  "Twelve Folksongs and Spirituals" compiled and arranged by David N. Johnson, copyright Augsburg Publishing House.  Looks like Mr. Johnson passed away in 1987.
Maybe someone else has further information!
Pearl Flamberg
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