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Durante/Pergolesi Magnificat half a step down

Greetings to the ChoralNet community!
We are currently working on Durante's/Pergolesi's Magnificat for the end on june and I find that it's very stressing for the tenors (the tenors do too!)
Surely, it should have been more relaxed when it was first perfomed in ancient A~415.
Would anyone have/know where to find this Magnificat half a step down? 
In fact, the choir doesn't need another score to sing half a step down... what I'm really looking for is the conductor score and orchestra parts in A major. 
PDF, Finale files welcome. Friendly purchase possible. 
Looking forward your comments, I thank you very much in advance. 
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on May 23, 2014 6:51am
Hi, Carlos:
Why not just have the strings tune to A=415?  There will be some initial grumbling from the strings, but the instant the first double stop or arpeggiando figure that requires an open string appears, they will thank you profusely for simply having them retune and play in the original key.  
Additionally, being able to converse in the same key with choir and orchestra will be a timesaver.  As for reading in B-flat and hearing an A, well that's just a good learning experience.  After a few run-throughs at baroque pitch, you won't even notice it.
The amount of work required to transpose an entire score and parts is astronomical.  Much better to simply retune.
All the best, and good luck with your project!
Carlos Foggin
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on May 24, 2014 1:46am
Dear Carlos, 
Thank you for your answer!
The problem resides in the fact that we're not only doing this Magnificat, but also two more! ... and there will be oboes... 
I'm sure there is a fFinale copy of this Magnificat somewhere in the world. :-)
The best for you too
on May 27, 2014 12:03pm
If you are still looking I can supply you with a full score and set of parts a half step down.
Contact me at smacmus(a) and we can arrange the details.
Stuart McIntosh
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