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English language learners in choir

Hello fellow choral directors,
      I am working on a project that brings together resources and ideas on a website for teaching English language learners in both elementary and secondary choirs.  If you direct a choir that has a large number of English language learners (ELL's), or an ELL/ESL choir, would you be willing to share your ideas and resources with others?
on May 27, 2014 10:31am
Please keep us posted on this, Sharon.  In AZ, all teachers have to take up to 90 hours of "Structured English Immersion" or SEI.  This requirement was enacted by the state legislature because they felt State Ed. was doing a lousy job preparing those students.  The textbook does not have the word "music" in the table of contents, the index, nor the bibliography.  The instructor could not refer me to any literature about, or music teacher who was using these principles in the music classroom.  She said, "I'm really sorry, this is not relevant to music teachers, but you're required by the legislature to be here." 
If you could be part of changing this and applying SEI principles to music instruction, it would be yet another demonstration of the importance, for effective and relevant reform, of consulting with people in the field.
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