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$125,000 Salary for Master Music Middle School Teachers!

Location: New York, New York, USA
The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School is currently seeking outstanding music teacher candidates. 
Featured in The New York Times and on 60 Minutes, TEP is the school that pays its teachers a $125,000 salary to work on a team of master practitioners in an environment that values and develops teaching excellence.  We are currently hiring 5th-8th grade teachers with significant K-12 lead teaching experience.
TEP is a 5th through 8th grade middle school serving low-income students in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. In each of the past 2 years, TEP has earned an overall grade of “A” from the NYC Department for Education and placed in the top 10% of all public middle schools in New York City.
All TEP students take music 1 period every day for their entire 4 years at TEP. On a general level, students learn music literacy, history, and performance. All students are expected to learn an instrument and participate in a musical ensemble (school orchestra, school band, etc.). The daily music period encompasses a variety of activities, including music theory, history, and instrumental instruction, as well as ensemble practice.
Given TEP's philosophical emphasis on a school built around master teachers, the meat of the music curriculum is shaped by TEP's master music teachers themselves. TEP's 4 Music teachers collaborate to develop a program that is rigorous in all aspects and treats music as a full-fledged subject (such as English or Math), and not as an add-on elective meant to supplement other subjects.
Each TEP music teacher should have an excellent background in general music as well as experience leading an ensemble. The specific ensembles at TEP are determined by the music teachers themselves, taking into account their particular strengths. Ultimately, TEP seeks to build a music department in which the musical skills of each teacher complement one another and are unified by expert knowledge and pedagogy, as well as a deep passion for the subject.
Apply now, or forward this opportunity to any music teacher whom you feel would be a good match for TEP. Application process details can be found at