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Large increase in enrollment numbers

I currently teach Middle School Choir (grades 6 and 7). This school year I had three 7th grade mixed choirs of 52, 51, and 45 students. I also had three 6th grade mixed choirs of 47, 57, and 54. So in total I had a total of 148 7th grade students and a total of 158 6th grade students. I have finally received approval for next year to have an auditioned 7th grade choir, a general music course for the students who don't want to take choir in 7th grade, and the rest of the 7th graders and all 6th graders to be divided by gender. My problem occurs with the number of new 6th graders for next year.
I will have 200 6th graders - 80 boys and 120 girls. In dividing up the students I will have 71 in the auditioned choir and 79 in each section of girls.They will fit in my room as I have 80 seats. Every student in our school is required to take band or choir every day and we have no study hall. Any suggestions on dealing with groups this large?
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on June 5, 2014 4:00am
 I teach between 290-320 daily each year, so I have a few ideas on how to help!  Here are a couple of blog posts I've created to help with large numbers. 
Dealing with folders is always tricky:
Some ideas on classroom management:
Some YouTube links I've created on Classroom Management for Chorus teachers:
Hope some of those ideas help!
Dale Duncan
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on June 6, 2014 8:17am
Thanks Dale! I really appreciate the post on folders. I have tried everything I could think of to take care of the music. I like the idea of having a student leader doing checks. I will definitely "steal" that idea for my classroom. I try to stress the importance of caring for our octavos as if they were text books. I can't wait to watch your videos.
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