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A cappella music for treble choir aged 13-16

I will be taking about 25 singers to a festival next year where they have the oppotrunity to sing in some interesting venues which would require a cappella. 
We are a community choir that rehearses once a week, the singers are auditioned and have some skills but there will be some of our youngest and least experienced members traveling.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a cappella  music from any era that is is manageable but still rewarding to sing  and interesting to both singer and audience? 
on June 5, 2014 2:43am
Dear Barbara,
I have a two-part a cappella arrangement of "Ye Banks and Braes" - it's free for non-profit use, but if you have a music budget then it's £15 for a PDF (you can print as many copies as you want from that PDF, so that would be less than $1 per singer). The score is at - email me if you'd like a copy, chris(a) .
I can transpose it up a few notches if your lower singers would find a bottom A tricky.
Chris Hutchings
on June 5, 2014 2:44am this is a great piece: Sarah Quartel: Songbird. Simple 3-part upper voices, and really appealing.
on June 5, 2014 3:28am
I have two pieces with texts by Madeleine L'Engle that were writting for treble choirs: Trinity 18 (A Definition of Peace) that choirs love (and won an award eons ago), and Advent (about all the ills of the world, and is difficult, but I believe treble choirs will definitely "get it:). Both are available (recordings, too) from: JW Pepper
or from me directly. Thanks for your consideration!!
on June 5, 2014 6:35am
Koudjay SSA (challenging); txt is in Haitian and based on Ecclesiastes; composer Guillaume (his website has practice aids that he will send) published by Boosey
Johnny has gone for a soldier SSA; composer Greenlee; my choir absolutely loved this piece
Johnny said no SSA; composer Singh
Oh Dear what can the matter be; SSA; arr. Robinson; if you want to continue a Johnny theme
La Lluvia; SSA (div); composer Hatfield
Bonse Aba; SSA; Victor Johnson; calls for percussion
Hotaru Koi; SSA; Ro Ogura
On Justice Truth and Peace; SSA; Amy Bernon
Akakomborerwa; SSAA; Kesselman; requires some percussion
All the pretty little horses; SSA; Crocker
Kalinka; SSA; Joan Gregoryk
Las Amarillas; SSA; Hatfield; challenging but cool sounding
I have a choir of similar age and these have all worked well and been received well.
on June 5, 2014 7:23am
We have a variety of songs that might be suitable. You can check out our repertoire samples at The first two that come to mind are Sarvam Brahman (a beautiful soothing Hindu chant) and La Rosa Enflorece (a lovely Ladino song, though the ornamentation may be challenging for your group). We have rights information on all our music, so let me know if you're interested in anything and I can get you set up.
Sing on!
on June 6, 2014 6:05am
What you are doing is so wonderful.  Your commitment to worthwhile music and young people is to be generously applauded!  Please go to J. W. Pepper's and Son's web site.  In the choral area, look for the button named MUSIC LISTS.  Click on, or type in, Mid Sch. Repertoire. This list is primarily for middle school age children. While it does include accompanied music, it also includes a large pool of excellent a cappella music, mostly renaissance madrigals, but not solely so.  While some of the music is more difficult than you desire, much of it will fit your needs.
Best of successes!
John Briggs
on June 6, 2014 6:56am
Basil the Cat--Valerie Shields (SSA)
The Drunken Sailor--arr. Betty Bertaux (5-part--ostinatos)
Hashivenu--Hebrew round arr. Rao
I'm Goin' Home on a Cloud--Spiritual arr. Susan Taylor-Howell (SSAA)
Kikkehihi--Johann Hermann Schein (Mary Goetze) SSA
Ladybird--Kodaly (SSA)
Lift Thine Eyes--Mendelssohn
Non Nobis Domine--Wm. Byrd (3-part canon)
Shady Grove--arr. Bertaux (SSA)
Shenandoah--arr. Goetze (SSAA)
Siyahamba (Leck or Rao)--SSA
These all worked well with a similar group.
Best wishes,
Eloise Porter
on June 6, 2014 7:39am
If you need a closing piece, look at my DEEP PEACE, HEALING LIGHT (Cypress Choral Music 1224):
Leonard Enns
on June 6, 2014 10:49am
Thanks so much for all of your help everyone :)
on June 24, 2014 12:15pm
Dear Barbara,
A number of suggestions occur to me of varied styles and eras - a few of my editions:
     Lassus - Two Motets  SSA  short; not difficult  Brichtmark Music
     Byrd - O gloriosa Domina  SSA;  lovely and varied; Mark Foster/Shawnee/Hal Leonard
     Ockeghem - Petite camusette SSAA; simple, pretty, not long; Boosey & Hawkes
Folk Song arrangements - a few of my own:
    American:  Long time ago;  SSA; simple, direct, nice:  Kjos Music
                    Wayfaring Stranger; SSAA; substantive, good; Kjos Music
                    He's Gone Away; SSA; very pretty; medium; Kjos Music
    Scottish:    Ca' Thee Yowes; SSAA; good, some length; Mark Foster/Shawnee/Hal Leonard
    Brittish:    Sweet Phoebe: SSAA, substance, a good tale; harmonic richness; G. Schirmer
unpublished arr: James Taylor's Lonesome Road SSA - nice
Brahms:  Drei geistliche Chöre, op 37  (one of the three)
Reger:    Drei Gesänge, op. 111B (one of the three) - very good; not difficult
Schumann  Die Capelle
Bartok   18 part Songs:  Banat or Keserves or Jatek  - 2 or 3 parts; very nice; short
Caplet    O Salutaris Hostia - pretty
Duruflé  Tota pulchra es
Kocsar   Sanctus from Mass in A - very nice SSA
Kodály   Esti dal - lovely
Marinu  Narození Páne - lovely, folk like, easy SSA
Poulenc  Petites voix SSA
Esteves arr. Carpenter  Mata del Anima Sola - really great pizzaz
Nordqvist  Jul, jul, stralande jul (Swedish Carol); very pretty
Hope these might help,
on June 25, 2014 7:12am
I have a number of SSA/SSAA works, both sacred and secular, which you'll find listedon my web page: 
I'd be glad to give you more information about any of them, including sending PDF sample pages.
Very best wishes for your endeavor! 
on June 25, 2014 7:20am
A piece of mine for SSA women's choir was featured on Choralnet. Winter Stars:
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