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Church Choral Music Database

Hi everyone. I am interested in starting a choral database at my church using Microsoft Access. Does anyone have a database that I could use as a template?
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on June 12, 2014 7:07am
For many years, I have used an Access-based database developed by Jim Faull who is a retired minister of music.  In response to his own needs and many within his network of ministry contacts, Jim designed a number of ministry support programs under the WorshiPlanner umbrella.  More than just a choral database, WorshiPlanner is a ministry operations tool which is invaluable to me in communicating with members, connecting with prospects, and managing the choral library, instruments, inventory, worship songs, and desigining orders of worship.  An added benefit is that Jim provides personal telephone and/or online assistance.  It is worth checking out as opposed to re-inventing the wheel.
on June 12, 2014 8:30am
On the other hand, $399 seems like a lot to avoid half an hour of database setup. Douglas, there are many other threads on ChoralNet on this topic. Try searching for "database" and see what turns up.
on July 21, 2014 8:03am
Hello Douglas,
I am starting one too for a church choir. At present the Director of Music and I (chorister) have aprroximately 10 categories of inof that I will use to define each piece of sheet music in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Windows 8 version, but works equally well with 7).
I don't have my main computer with me, and don't remember all the categories we selected, but will be accessing that computer within this week of July 20- 27th. I would be happy to share those categories with you. I may also be developing a classification system for subject access -beyond the usual Christian year categories.
on July 22, 2014 6:02am
The Church Music Institute has a big fancy database that could serve as a model for you.
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