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Early Summer Check In

We have gained some new members since our last check-in so I wanted to give them a chance to share what they have coming up or recently accomplished.  If anyone has any performances, commissions, recordings etc. to share with us please do.  Links to YouTube or other recordings would be very helpful.  
Hone your community skills by using the tool bar to add sound clips, pics or embed video.  Always include the URL as well because many readers do not come to ChoralNet rather they read posts in their email.  
For these posts especially, I encourage everyone to log in and applaud each other's successes.  
Feel free to sign your posts.  It helps direct webtraffic to your name which can lead searching directors to your ChoralNet profile.
Jack Senzig
Children's Choir of teh Internet
Artistic Director
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on June 18, 2014 10:30am
This news came to me this morning.
As I paid my entrance fee to this competition, my attitude was that I just bought another rejection notice.
Here are the results of the Opera Composer's International Competition sponsored by the Boston Metro Opera:
HONORABLE MENTION OPERA:  Wallace Earl De Pue, for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. "This award recognizes works deserving of note.  
Recipient works may be queued for performance, as part of Boston Metro Opera's regular season."
SPECIAL AWARDS OPERA: Wallace Earl De Pue, for Something Special (Google: barbershopera Something Special).
GOLD MEDAL IN OPERA: Wallace Earl De Pue, for Something Special.  "This award recognizes one work of outstanding quality in each category.  Recipient works will receive a featured performance, as part of Boston Metro Opera's regular season.  Recipient works will also become part of Boston Metro's standard repertory."
Applauded by an audience of 7
on June 18, 2014 4:20pm
This is wonderful, Wally! It was good getting to know something of you in connection with TheC7Prize– you deserve it. This is certainly 'your year'!
It gives me great hope, as my opera "Waiting on a Dream" is being performed in the USA this fall, a real 'first' for me!
Applauded by an audience of 1
on June 18, 2014 4:59pm
Hi Donald!
This year has made me believe in miracles!  Now, my International contest record is 97% rejection and 3% success.  THANK YOU for your kudo, I truly appreciate it.
My friend, YOU are joining one of the precious few opera composers, IN THE WORLD, who has ever heard even one of his/her operas performed.  Start your next opera immediately!  Be prepared for your next opportunity.  You'll already have your foot
in the door of at least one opera house in the USA. 
I'm still feel the need to get square with GAM.  Can you please send me his address?  ( )
Applauded by an audience of 1
on June 19, 2014 1:50am
I look on with great awe and admiration at fellow contributors who can not only write operas, but get them performed! Many congratulations to Wallace and Donald for such a wonderful achievement!  
Applauded by an audience of 1
on June 19, 2014 1:38pm
Thank you for your kudos, Gordon.  Writing an opera is hard, but getting it performed is next to impossible.  In my case,
I experienced miracles.  Donald may tell you the same thing.
on June 20, 2014 8:31pm
Holy Cow Walli!!!
on June 18, 2014 11:51am
I have a few quick news items:
In May, I helped Jubilate Vocal Ensemble (Vancouver, BC) premiere a short SATB piece called Across the Void. (I sing tenor in this choir.) Here is the recording (trying to embed from Soundcloud at the bottom):
This Sunday, June 22, the Linden Singers of Victoria, BC will premiere a commissioned piece of mine called Grant Us Peace (SATB + piano).
I have also recently composed a Panis Angelicus (SATB, medium difficulty).
The scores for all these pieces are on my website.
David Archer
Applauded by an audience of 2
on June 21, 2014 7:39am
Very well done David.  Consider putting this up on the showcase.  I love the poem.  Was this recorded in a very live space or did you add some reverb.  If the latter, a little less might help with understanding the text.  Kudos to Dr. Nickel for such an ambitious composer friendly program.  
on June 21, 2014 5:19pm
Thanks Jack, I'll look into putting it up on the showcase. Yeah, there was a little reverb added, I hear what you're saying. :) Dr. Nickel and Jubilate are already planning another modern composer-filled concert for 2015. Should be fun!
on June 20, 2014 10:07am
Sorelle San Diego sang the world premiere of a short work of mine on June 14: Im hay’ta (2012) for SSAA a cappella, on a Hebrew text from what is commonly referred to as "The Wisdom of the Fathers": "Rabbi Yokhanan ben Zakkai said: If you have a sapling in your hand, and someone says to you ‘Messiah is come!’, finish planting the sapling first, then go out to meet Him.” (Suitable for the Jewish holiday Tu bish’vat [the "New Year for Trees’] and for Earth Day)
I shall post this to as soon as I have a recording. Stay tuned!
Robert A.M. Ross <Robert Ross 11>
Applauded by an audience of 1
on July 12, 2014 11:52am
Here's the link to the premiere performance recording if you haven't seen/heard this:
Robert A.M. Ross <Robert Ross 11>
on June 20, 2014 10:58am
Congrats to all!
on June 20, 2014 6:42pm
At the previous check in (before this one) I mentioned premieres of two folk song arrangements of mine in April by the Vocal Ensemble of Community College of Philadelphia under my direction: Shenandoah for TTBB a cappella & T solo (1971; reconstructed 2014) and Black is the Color for SATB div & opt. harp or keyboard with S solo (1991; rev. 2014).
At last, I have audio files!
Black is the Color:
Please contact my privately if you have any interest in either of these pieces!
Sharim v'Sharot performed my edition of Samuel Naumbourg's Psaume 100 for baritone cantor, SATBB, harp and organ and my arrangement of Sholom Secunda's Khazonim af Probe ("Cantors Auditioning") for TBarB soli, SATB, piano, and actors (based on a movie of the same name from the 1930s, with script transcription, editing, and dramaturgy by Pamela Hitchcock) on June 1, 2014 at Adath Israel Congregation in Lawrenceville, NJ. Once again, recordings to follow…
Robert A.M. Ross
Chair, Music Department
Community College of Philadelphia
Applauded by an audience of 1
on June 20, 2014 8:56pm
I am finishing a very exciting project that will be a cornerstone of my school program.  I offered choir members the opportunity to have a studio recording experience, singing a song they love to a karaoke track.  Each got 1/2 hour to make several takes.  Then I took them and edited them into one good track.  I charged the families $25.  I will do this two more times before February next year, select the best 10-14 performers, hire a professional rock band with the studio fees, hold a Pops concert of the selected children, sell tickets and make a live CD for sale. If we get enough money, the next year we will hire a professional lighting company.  
Here is a sample of one of the little darlings singing Human by Christina Perry:  
I had no idea that singing outside of one's range could be so darn cute!
on June 21, 2014 7:21am
WHO you callin' a COW, Jack!  If you mess with the falcon, you get the beak! 
on June 21, 2014 7:28am
I'm from Wisconsin.  Cows are cool!  
on July 10, 2014 11:57am
This is more of a "mid-summer" than early summer check-in, but I thought Jack wouldn't mind my noting that a ChoralNet Composers Community collaboration (my first, with Gordon Thornett) has been published:
on July 11, 2014 3:28am
My short anthem "God To Enfold Me" will be premiered by the National Youth Choir of Scotland's Training Choir today in Stirling Castle, and again tomorrow in Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh.
Demo (recorded by Matthew Curtis of at
The score is at my website, - available for SABar or ATB.
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