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Galuppi Dixit Dominus

Has anyone performed the Galuppi Dixit Dominus (SA Chorus, strings)?  If so, how easy is it to acquire scores and parts?
Ethan Nash
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on June 24, 2014 2:26pm
Which Galuppi Dixit?  My chamber choir did a version last fall, edited by my late conducting professor David Larson, which was SSAA and used organ continuo only.  I did purchase the continuo part--and the choral scores--with no problem.  I believe the publisher is Roger Dean and did notice the string parts were for sale--this was last summer when I was ordering--but it should be still available.
on June 24, 2014 7:11pm
Thanks, I just found it there.  $100 for the full score!  And $25 for each individual instrumental part! That would seemingly mean spending $225 just for a score and all parts... and that's before buying choral scores and hiring players to play the parts themselves.  Frustrating as it seems like a wonderful piece to build a program around, but the cost may be prohibitive.
on June 24, 2014 8:36pm
I was going to do it with strings--I actually sang in the North American premeire of the work and loved-loved-loved it--but found a recording (a Canadian children's choir) of it with only the organ continuo (actually the organ part is in the choral octavo)and decided to do with with just organ.  My organist said it's a reall organ-geek part and just charming.  I know for a fact Dr. Dave is the one who edited/adapted it.  It's a wonderful piece and it would be fine to do it with organ. I'd sing it or conduct it again in a heartbeat!
on June 25, 2014 8:28am
Ethan, it's a wonderful piece by a great composer -- one of the most famous and highly respected in the world during his lifetime. Definitely worth doing.
I have a full score and set of parts that I would gladly loan.
Tom Tropp
Galant Masters Project
on June 25, 2014 3:46am
The Galuppi Dixit Dominus is one of the greatest gems of the treble choral literature!  Cantare Children's Choir and I have performed it many times with organ, with piano and with full strings.  Each accompaniment is glorious each in its own unique way.  This piece is always a favourite with singers ... and worth every penny to purchase it!  Message me privately and I can send you an audio file of the various performances.   cantare.catherine(a)
on June 25, 2014 8:42am
Check with Christopher Eanes of the Cincinnatti Boychoir - he's done a lot of work with Galuppi.
on June 25, 2014 9:39am
I'd like to share a thought about Galuppi's Dixit Dominus. In the movement "Tu es sacerdos" I believe David Larson erred in the tempo indications. In the score as published, that section is clearly marked alla breve. If you perform and ignore the alla breve indication  (singing the section half speed), the music suddenly slows to a crawl. But if you observe the alla breve indication of the composer, I believe you will have a more satisfactory outcome, one I believe intended by the composer. The alla breve extends on a few phrases until the text "Dominus, ad dextris tuis" when the alla breve stops.
I am grateful to Professor Larson for making this wonderful work available. My choir performed it on a Spring 1983 Tour of 44 concerts under the auspices of CAMI (Columbia Artists Management, Inc.) with piano accompaniment. It remains one of the choir's favorite items.
Douglas Neslund
California Boys' Choir
Los Angeles
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