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Creative church ministry structures

I have been invited to envision a new structure for my church music ministry, and most specifically for a main worship choir.  The idea has been presented for my parish, to restructure its worship.  We currently have 7:45 spoken, 9:00 "contemporary", and 11:00 "traditional" services.  Each of the two musical services has its own main leadership music ensemble; a choir plus instrumentalists at the 9, and a choir at the 11.  The idea is being explored to restructure our schedule so that we have an 8:00 service that does have some music and is firmly true to our Episcopal heritage in music and liturgy, and a 10:00 service that is more expansive in both music and liturgy, and would be our main service.  At this point the discussion is to "disband" the two existing choirs and build a new choir which might not only explore the existing repertoire of the two former groups, but might also explore new repertoire as well.
What I would like to hear is your creative structures and ideas for involving the most people, and also achieving the best result in terms of music and fellowship.  How do you develop an opportunity that is inviting and creative?  How did you creatively respond to those people who might want to participate but can't attend your main rehearsal time?  I am looking to hear truly outside the box ideas, because I have been invited to present a new idea but I feel like I need a little inspiration to get there.  What have you tried that worked; what have you tried that didn't work; what made it successful or not?
Thanks in advance - I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas!
Julie Ford
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