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Prospective B.M. in Choral Music Ed Student

I have a question:
I go to a community college in Los Angeles. I want to transfer to a four year university by Fall 2015 (looking into CSULB and Northern Arizona University) to pursue a B.M. in music ed with emphasis in choral instruction, however my primary instrument is piano. Since I have to audition [as a transfer student] for schools on both piano and voice due to my interest in an instrument I'm not strong in (I've only been singing in choirs for 3 years), does my repertoire for both instruments have to be at the same level as those who are performance majors of these instruments?  How decent does my singing voice have to be?  I would like to conduct high school choirs, or possibly community choirs in the future.
Any suggestions for other schools I should look into that would seem good for me given this situation?
Thank you so much!
on July 9, 2014 6:49am
Great questions. In my experience, if you can "carry a tune in a bucket" for starters, you should have little problem getting into a program.  Many universities offer Music Education with a concentration in either voice or piano.  The voice audition for many undergrads is to match you up with the best voice teacher for you.  Voice lessons between now and then will certainly help. Part of the college experience is to help you hone your craft.  You could also focus on your sight-singing and ear-training skills.
Best of luck to you! 
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