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"Theme of the Absolute"?

During some recent research, I came across a French author who mentions the "famous 'Theme of the Absolute'" ("du fameux 'Thème de l'Absolu'") as used by Mozart in the Credo in his K192 Mass as well as the Finale of the Jupiter Symphony (do-re-fa-mi). I can find no other references to the fame or significance of this theme. Can anyone shed some light on the subject? Many thanks.
on July 10, 2014 2:13am
Articles on Wikipedia suggest it is either based on the third phrase of the Pange lingua chant (the word 'sanguinisque' etc.) or on the Lucis creator chant (opening phrase?). Mind you, on the same page as the latter in Liber Usualis is an antiphon called Deus autem, which could equally well be the source. No idea if any of these are related to the idea of 'the Absolute'.
on July 10, 2014 3:20am
I've always presumed that Mozart was exposed to this motif during his work on Fux-based species counterpoint. It shows up in counterpoint pedagogy quite a bit.

Joseph Gregorio

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