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Looking for medium/easy SAB songs for concert

I'm looking for some fairly easy but nice SAB songs for my beginner high school choir.  I don't have a middle school feeder program so my music selections have to be fairly easy.  Any suggestions would be welcome!  Thanks!
on July 18, 2014 9:01am
I’ve written several pieces for SAB and have a few that have been tested on beginning choirs and work very well.  My favorite is Sky Can Still Remember published by G. Schirmer: 
Please also look at the collection called The Book of Sonnets, especially From Fairest Creatures, Shall I Compare Thee, & Why Is My Verse So Barren; all in free download from
Hope that helps!
 Michael A. Gray
on July 18, 2014 11:09am
Agnus Dei by William Copper, SAB a cappella ... if you can use Latin. 
on July 19, 2014 6:24am
Dear Alisa,
I have some arrangements of Scots songs here - free for non-profit use, but please make a contribution if you have a music budget:
A Red Red Rose, Jock O'Hazeldean and A Highland Lad should be approachable even for beginners.
You might also enjoy "God To Enfold Me" -
Sample recording at
This was premiered last week by the National Youth Choir of Scotland's Training Choir, so should be suitable at your level.
Chris Hutchings
on July 19, 2014 6:27am
Based on a round, BY THE WATERS by Catherine DeLanoy, published by Carl Fisher.  Each part gets their own melody line for almost all of the piece, making it very easy to learn.
on July 19, 2014 6:43am
The Road Not Taken - Klouse
Durme, Durme - Audrey Snyder (3 pt mixed)
Flying Free - Don Besig
Do You Hear What I Hear - Harry Simone (Christmas)
Non Nobis Domine - take your pick of arrangements
Look at the Singable Solutions for Smaller Choirs from Heritage Press and In Concert for Three Part Mixed. They are collections of octavos that work well with the type of choir you are describing.
Windy Nights - Cynthia Gray (3 pt mixed - love this one)
Pie Jesu - Lightfoot (3 pt mixed)
Homeward Bound arr. Althouse
A Joyful Song - Lightfoot
The Lake Isle of Innisfree - David Brunner
on July 19, 2014 7:16am
Try "Dreams of Thee" by Eric Barnum... it's long at around 4-5 min's but SAB and a true high school baritone part in there...perhaps for the Spring concert after your choir has had half a year to mature a little more...
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on July 19, 2014 7:55am
Hi Alisa, 
Let me recommend this selection from my catalog. I publish in inexpensive .pdf format with photocopy license, and offer educational discount. My website is down for maintenance right now, but I think I can embed a short MIDI MP3 clip.
. I will be out of town in the mountains next week; please contact me directly by email after July 26 if this interests you and I will email you a .pdf of the score, this interface doesn't allow that.
Best regards,
David Avshalomov
Composer, Singer, Conductor
Santa Monica, CA
American Prize 2014, Triple Finalist, Band, Chamber, and Orchestral Composition (finals pending)
TheC7Prize (Canada) 2014 (2 choral works)
VoxNova 15 Minutes of Fame Series, 3 awards, 2014 (clarinet, tuba, oboe soli)
American Prize 2013, Choral and Orchestral Composition, Dual Finalist
American Prize 2012, Orchestral Composition, Special Citation Winner
Winner, Sul Ross State University, TX, Wind Ensemble Composition Contest 2013
Winner, Hillcrest Wind Ensemble (San Diego) Composition Contest 2013 (Second Prize)
Winner, “Polifonija” Sacred Choral Music Competition 2013, Siauliai State Chamber Choir, Lithuania (Second Prize)
ACDA Silver Platter Award 2012 for Choral Repertoire of Outstanding Quality
Project : Encore, Schola Cantorum/Hudson, Recommended Choral Work of Exceptional Merit 2012
(My Beautiful Dream)
SAB, optional Flute(s)

DURATION: 4 minutes.

A slow, sweet, lyrical song, sincere and touching, with an appealing and natural pentatonic tune, unison, then 3-part harmony, then easy canon, with a sweet harmony ending. This song expresses an idealistic, innocent dream about the future of our suffering world and the hope that our children—and their children—may heal both the Earth and human society and live in peace forever. The song setting is suitable for youth choruses and community/adult choruses. It is not complex and can be learned fairly easily.
[It would be appropriate as a memorial for the victims of the Newton, Conn. tragedy or similar.]
Sample score and demo recording are available online here:
Let the children play and learn in Peace,
Help them grow up strong and healthy.
If we teach them wisely, they may come to heal the World.
Let the children learn and grow in Peace.
Children are the Dreamers of our World
And our duty to them is very clear.
If we work together we can give them
A dream of a future without fear.
Show them all the beauty in the World.
Show them Nature’s strength and glory.
And in Global Healing we will come to heal ourselves,
Take our place as guardians of the Earth.
Help your people and community.
Make a difference and always do your part.
Work for justice, care for those in need.
Keep compassion and kindness in your heart
If they grow up strong and clear and smart,
They’ll return the World to balance;
They can heal the forests, and the sky and sea and land.
Let them play and learn and grow in Peace.
May they heal the World and live In Peace.
In Peace.
on July 19, 2014 8:19am
May I suggest my Two Poems of Juan Ramon Jimenez for SAB (with one or two SATB chords) and piano? The poems are Winter Song and With the Roses and are in English; the poetry contrasts a bitter winter with the joy of finally being able to be outside in spring. The work is unpublished but has been performed several times.
Jim Davis
on July 19, 2014 12:03pm
Hi, Alisa,
I invite you to take a look at my SAB & piano piece An Exhortation.  It was commissioned by the Gettysburg Children's Chorus in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  
The text, by Stephanie Gregoire, is a poem inspired by a quote from Abraham Lincoln: "Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow.  The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."  
You can see/hear/purchase the score here:
Thanks for considering it!
All best,
Joseph Gregorio
on July 20, 2014 5:22am
I wrote an arrangement of  "Go down,Moses," for SAB choir  and piano. Fairly easy and published by E. Henry David (T. Presser). It should work well. Good luck.
on July 20, 2014 7:10pm

Pick a Bale of Cotton

Series: Shawnee Press
Publisher: Shawnee Press
Composer: Edwin T. Childs

View Instrumentation

$2.25 (US)
Inventory #HL 35016965
UPC: 747510023661
Publisher Code: EA0165
Width: 6.75"
Length: 10.5"
8 pages

Also Recommended:

on July 21, 2014 7:48am
Hi Alisa,
I wrote a short SAB work for a beginning high school choir called "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" (text by William Wordsworth).  If you are interested, I can send you a PDF copy if you provide me your email address.  
-Keane Southard
Keane Southard, Composer/Pianist
M.M. Composition, University of Colorado-Boulder
B.M. Composition + Theory, Baldwin-Wallace College
Email: keane.southard(a)
Ph: 508-340-5449
on July 21, 2014 10:39am
My most likely suspects for SAB music are:
If You Can Walk You Can Dance (Zimbabwean proverb)
SAB, piano, claves
SAB a cappella
The links will lead you to recordings and YouTube videos of both songs.
Best of luck,
Elizabeth Alexander
on July 22, 2014 3:49pm
Musica Russica has a small but attractive selection of SAB pieces:
All pieces feature phoneticized transliteration of the lyrics, and for each title a text-specific audio diction guide is available.
Vlad Morosan
on July 23, 2014 11:21am
Non Nobis Domine - arr. Sally K. Albrecht
Classic Alleluia Canon - arr. Patrick Liebergen
Zum Gali Gali - arr. Greg Gilpin
Et in Terra Pax - Mary Lynn Lightfoot (also available in a fairly easy SATB)
Why We Sing - Greg Gilpin
Hosanna Deo - SSAB by Greg Gilpin (sounds full, but not difficult, great piece)
Sing! O Sing! - Dave & Jean Perry (flute and hand drum accompaniment - regular and holiday words)
Aurora Borealis - Amy F. Bernon (I really like the TBB version also)
Earth Voices - Jerry Estes 
Your Friend Shall Be The Tall Wind - Victor C. Johnson
Someone above mentioned Flying Free - great song, kids love it!
Good luck!
Brandi Hallford
Director of Choirs
USD 490
El Dorado, KS
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