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Play-my-note: a note-learning resource

This mobile phone app is designed to empower choir singers to learn their own voice parts from written notation - even if they have never learned an instrument. It helps to solve the ever-present problems of mixed ability groups, and narrows the gap between those who have had prior music training and those who haven't.
The app is quite simple - it asks for a clef and key signature and then just displays the notes on a stave so that they can be played exactly as they appear in the score. So singers who previously needed to ask someone to play or sing their part to them are suddenly able to get involved in the learning process.
First published a few months ago, the app has just had a major upgrade, allowing it to store recently played notes and display them in order, and the addition of a much requested piano sound.
There are a demo videos here:
and download links here:
It is published for iPhone, iPad, Android or Amazon Kindle Fire. As ever, I am happy to offer ChoralNet users free download codes for the iPhone/iPad version, as I would particularly welcome your comments and suggestions - just contact me. Unfortunately there is no similar systemfor Android, but there is also now a Free 'Lite' version with only 3 key signatures for classroom use or to try the app out. There is also a slightly higher priced 'Extra!' version with C clefs, some control of Temperament, more stored notes and Transposition.
All feedback warmly welcomed.
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