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Hooray for the Marketplace mention in the Choral Journal!

Hi, all -- 
Just thought I'd give a little shout-out here to Jack Senzig, whose herculean efforts on the Marketplace were mentioned in Tim Sharp's "From the Executive Director" in the most recent issue of the ACDA Choral Journal!  Congratulations and thanks, Jack!
This issue (August 2014) is all about the craft of choral composition, and was curated/edited by my mentor, teacher, and dear friend David Conte, professor of composition at the San Francisco Conervatory of Music.  He, along with composers Steven Sametz (Lehigh Univ.) and Robert Kyr (Univ. of Oregon) have shared some wonderful thoughts about writing for choir that I would recommend we all spend some time reading.
Congratulations again to Jack!
All best,
Joe Gregorio
on July 28, 2014 8:53pm
Man, you go camping in the north woods of Wisconsin for a couple of weeks and you miss a lot.  Fishing was pretty good, bug photographing was abundant and family time was terrific.   Anybody that loves to camp, I found a terrific place in the Chequamagon-Nicolet National Forest.  Flush toilets and showers who would have guesssed?    I have about 1,000 emails to catch up on, so be patient.  
 Thanks for pointing out the article Joseph.  Tim Sharp is a composer and has been very supportive of what we do.  I wish he would post his Blue Grass Mass to the showcase!  The Salt Lake City February 25-28 ACDA national conference will have a first-ever composer's track.  Anybody up on the details please share.  I will read what I can as well.
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on July 29, 2014 5:34pm
This is great news.

Welcome back, Jack.

Michael Sandvik

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