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1st Music Festa Florence, Italy, 22nd - 24th March 2015

Location: Italy
Choir type: Children's and Youth Choirs


International festival for youth choirs and orchestras

1st edition 22nd -24th March 2015


We are delighted to announce a new great initiative sponsored and organized by the Florence International Choir Festival. MUSIC FESTA FLORENCE, which will take place every year in the month of march, right at the beginning of spring, in the wonderful city of Florence, Italy, capital of the region of Tuscany.

The city lies on the River Arno and is known for its history and its importance in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance, especially for its art and architecture.

MUSIC FESTA FLORENCE is dedicated to musically inclined youth from all around the world and is open to young singers and instrumentalists.

The Festival will be articulated in concerts and competition in the categories: children and youth orchestras and choirs, vocal ensembles, traditional music, folk music, brass and string orchestras, vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Join MUSIC FESTA FLORENCE now! Don't lose the chance to perform in magnificent venues, rich in art and history.


Enjoy the amazing city of Florence, a jewel in the heart of Tuscany, famous for its magnificent cultural and artistic heritage, warm welcome, accommodation capacity, and outstanding quality of food and wine.







A1 - Children Choirs up to 12 years


A2 - Children Choirs up to 16 years


B1 - Equal Youth Choirs up to 21 years


B2 - Mixed Youth Choirs up to 21 years


B3 - Equal Youth Choirs up to 35 years


B4 - Mixed Youth Choirs up to 35 years


C - Popular, Folk, Traditional Music


D - Spiritual, Gospel Music


E - Jazz and Modern Music


F - Contemporary Music


G - Musica Sacra


H - Early Music


I - Sing & Dance





A1 - Children Orchestras up to 12 years


A2 - Children Orchestras up to 16 years


B1 - Youth Orchestras up to 21 years


B2 - Youth Orchestras up to 35 years


C - Symphonic Orchestras


D - String Orchestras


E - Symphonic wind bands, fanfares and brass bands


F - Instrumental Ensembles


G - Mixed Ensembles (Folk music ensembles, Instrumental and Vocal Ensembles)


H - Orchestras with Dance


I - Big Band Orchestras


L - Jazz Ensembles


M - Baroque Orchestras



Competition rules


The programme of the Competition must be minimum of 3 pieces with a maximum duration of 15 minutes.

Repertoire is free choice of the participants.


Participation conditions


The enrollment fee for choirs and orchestras are 200 euros for the first obligatory category and 150 euros for every additional category.


Accommodation and board


Each choir and orchestra including the conductor, accompanying people and bus drivers shall pay their travel expenses, expenses on accommodation and food by itself.






price per person in single room: 360 €

price per person in double room: 310 €

price per person in triple/quadruple room: 260 €




price per person in single room: 310 €

price per person in double room: 260 €

price per person in triple/quadruple room: 220 €





price per person in single room: on request

price per person in double room: on request

price per person in triple/quadruple room: 200 €



The package price includes:


3 nights and breakfasts in hotel


4 meals in typical florentine restaurant during Festival


assistance by a hostess or steward


information material


booklet, gadgets, poster





Application deadline: 10th January 2015

After receiving the application form, each group will be contacted by email and receive detailed information on further steps.

The payment of the enrollment fee must be paid within 20th January 2015

20th January 2015 - Deadline for the first payment for rooms and board - 40% of the total

5th February 2015 - Deadline for the final payment for rooms and board.


Apply now here!





In each category the jury will assign the following prizes:


1st place: Gold Medal, Golden Diploma

2nd place: Silver Medal, Silver Diploma

3rd place: Bronze Medal, Bronze diploma




1 - Il Giglio di Firenze

2 - The Best Conductor

3 - The Best Male Soloist

4 - The Best Female Soloist

5 - The Best Performance of Italian Composer's Work

6 - The Best Contemporary Composer Arrangement

7 - The Best Choreography

8 - The Best Traditional Costumes


Il Giglio di Firenze, a very special prize, will assigned to the best Choir and Orchestra for excellent artistic performance. It consists of a typical florentine ceramic plate representing a lily, the emblem of the city of Florence, a unique piece of tuscan art.


All choirs and orchestras which do not receive a prize will get the Diploma of successful participation in Festival.




Performance will be judged by international jury members, including conductors, opera singers, composers, instrumentalists.

The Jury will judge: intonation, vocal production, interpretation, insieme and general artistic effect in the choirs.

The Jury will judge: timbre, insieme, dynamic, intonation, repertoire in the orchestras

The decisions of the Jury are final.


The Jury, after consideration of all artistic matters, may not award some prizes or may award joint or additional prizes.




Each choir is responsible for obtaining copyrights and permission to use all material during their performance at the festival. 


At the end of the Festival there will be a dinner for all the conductors in a typical Tuscan restaurant in the historical center of Florence, offered by the organization. 

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