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Pieces to go along with Prayer of the Children

Hi I'm looking for ideas of pieces to go along with "Prayer of the Children" and "The Prayer". I am preferably looking for SATB arrangements that would fit with these two pieces.
~~Prayer of the Children/Kurt Bestor/arr. Klouse/SATB
~~The Prayer/Carole Bayer Sager & David Foster/arr. Mark Hayes/SATB
I was thinking of using Andy Beck's arrangement of "Heal the World" so also if anyone possibly has it that I could borrow that would be amazing. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Jacob Ritter
Bingham Academy
on July 30, 2014 6:49am
Dear Jacob,
The following three ECS titles come to mind.
APPLEBAUM, Robert: Shalom, v'shalom, v'shalom (Peace, and Peace, and Peace Yet Again), #6758, (Unison Children's Chorus or S solo, SATB & Piano)
MOLLICONE, Henry: Come, all you blessed children, #8027, (SATB, Keyboard & opt. Children's Chorus)
SUSA, Conrad: Hymns for the Amusement of Children, #3037, (SATB, Piano 4-Hands)
Stanley M. Hoffman, Ph.D.
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on July 30, 2014 7:18am
How about "Inscription of Hope" by Z. Randall Stroope, using texts from the Holocaust, set to a famous Russian melody?
Maybe check out some music by Jim Papoulis, too.
on July 30, 2014 9:08am
Hi Jacob,
Please listen to my inspirational songs "Take My Hand" and "One Star" on my website I have excellent SATB arrangements of these songs, available free of charge.
Hank Fellows
on July 30, 2014 2:44pm
Oye! (Papoulis) - "Are you listening? Can you hear them calling? They are calling to you." English and Spanish text intertwined.
Prayer (Clausen) - The text is a prayer of Mother Teresa. Gorgeous harmonies, very rubato, challenging.
Amavolovolo (arr. de Beer) - Zulu tribal song. A Cappella, repetitive, easy.
It Takes a Village (Szymko) - "We all everyone must share the burden, we all everyone must share the joy." One of my favorites. Body percussion. Solo.
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