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Free Scores

Greetings fellow directors!

Please share this information with anyone that would benefit from it - especially those with modest music budgets.  Over the last three years, I have been humbled with great success in the publishing realm, having now over a dozen published works through Santa Barbara, Hope, and very soon, Pavane.  I give thanks that I no longer need to be in the trenches promoting my own work to get it out there, and so I would love to take this opportunity to give back to our amazing choral community by offering my unpublished works to anyone who would like them, for free.  These works have all found their way to many choruses, with enthusiastic chorister and director feedback, so you can trust that your time spent perusing will be time well spent.

If you or a colleague in the field are interested in perusing my unpublished works, please email me (address below) and I will be happy to send you perusal copies.



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