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Music Director - Albuquerque Civic Chorus (part-time)

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Music Director – Albuquerque Civic Chorus - Part-Time
The Albuquerque Civic Chorus is currently reviewing applicants for the position of Music Director, a part-time position that generally oversees two concerts per year and outreach. The Music Director serves as main conductor and is responsible for developing, coordinating, and supervising music programs that align with the strategic direction of the ACC board of directors and needs of the community. The music produced by the ACC is a product that supports civic goals, is artistically and musically sound, and carefully planned so as to encourage patron development and choir member development. 
The Music Director is responsible for leveraging the resources of the community by networking with corporations, civic groups and business owners as a key ambassador to the ACC.  Other responsibilities include recruiting and rehearsing members of the musical group and overseeing productions. The Music Director is responsible for the strategic placement of the group in the community to increase ACC brand awareness, effective outreach and marketing by providing a sensible and well-planned product.
The ideal Music Director understands and has experience in music and can lead members of the organization and community as a conductor, leader and ambassador. This person should have a strong background in the performance of music, teaching of private voice, leading large groups of people, as well as conducting ensembles.  The Music Director should be a strong team player and accomplished solo musician who has multiple channels of business contacts who can encourage community involvement and support of the ACC.  Skills in business and marketing are strongly preferred as the ACC will need to rely upon a strong and carefully selected product geared toward untapped target markets as well as the broader community.
  • Preside as main music director over musical programs and oversee production.
  • Plan and produce special musical concerts and/or workshops that align with marketing and business development strategies.
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts.
  • Select music appropriate for a civic chorus.
  • Audition soloists and other musicians as needed.
  • Direct rehearsals.
  • Facilitate the recording of performances for later review or distribution.
  • Help soloists and choir rehearse.
  • Plan and schedule rehearsals.
  • Study and interpret scores.
  • Determine via research what is needed for outreach.
  • Coordinate and organize outreach to missing (target market) audience members.
  • With assistance of ACC personnel and choir members, promote concerts and help sell tickets via target market plans.
  • Devise short- and long-term product/service goals, business development and educational plans of the chorus and have it reviewed and approved by the board of directors every semester to ensure feasibility of programming.
  • Supervise maintenance of and additions to music library and equipment.
  • Expand and enhance the breadth and depth of the choir’s range of music.
  • Speak to the media, civic groups, and other entities regarding music programs, opportunities for engagement and for general support.
  • Attend networking functions outside of the field of music to garner general community support.
  • Lead on a strategic level using business, marketing and music strategies that are both visionary and detailed with target dates and measurable outcomes.
  • Oversee the technical production, marketing, artistic development and campaign of each concert to ensure artistic and musical elements are branded properly and aligned with ACC goals.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Has experience working at a nonprofit at a senior level in roles to include director or above.
  • Has conducting experience and willing to hold sectionals outside of normal rehearsal time.
  • Can speak to and has relationships with local, state and federal levels of government to seek support and encourage funding for the arts.
  • Knowledgeable in the diction of standard music language to include French, German, English, Italian and Latin. Working knowledge of at least one (other than English) is preferred. Two years of foreign language study (French, German or Italian – or combination of them) at the College/University level required – evidence on transcripts required.
  • Has performance or education degree in music (minimum Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Music, or Bachelor of Music Education). Bachelor of Music is preferred. Advanced degree in music vocal performance or applied music (Master of Music) preferred. Evidence of other advanced degrees to show strategic abilities are highly desirable.  Transcripts required.
  • Evidence of current vocal performance ability at the professional level.
  • Ability to develop and use ACC related research, analytics and produce actionable insights use audience and ACC ensemble surveys to facilitate the selection of music for future semesters, as well as guide the strategic direction of the group and relationships among group members and community members.
  • Evidence of ability to think strategically with the board of directors to develop a suitable product for the choir, the community and the overall organization in terms of music and business to ensure the long-term success of the choir.
  • Understands the competitive music landscape in terms of musical groups, offerings and how the civic chorus fits and can grow in the landscape.
  • Can discuss various aspects of style and time periods of music.
  • Strong musical, organizational, marketing, public relations and technical production skills.
  • Maintains a current, broad network locally outside and inside of the music field.
  • Has sung professionally and has taught voice to ensure the healthy production of vocal sound.
  • Strong musician with a clear vision of where a civic chorus is and can be in the next 3 – 5 years.
  • Evidence of fundraising and working in a business development capacity where strong relationship-building is needed in the arts and in business.
  • Has experience similar to project management and marketing to ensure the smooth production of concerts, outreach and small musical projects that are musically and artistically aligned with ACC mission and goals.
  • Can read music to include open scores and piano reductions.
  • Experience with the media in terms of public relations, maintaining relations and speaking about the history, mission and vision of prior organizations in or outside of the music field.
  • Surveys and analyzes the audience and chorus members once a semester to gain feedback on demographic information, likes/dislikes and other needed information that would help shape the long-term development of the ACC is preferred.
  • Ability to present analysis (based on surveys) of ACC offerings to the board of directors and ACC members is preferred.
  • Letter of interest that addresses the above minimum qualifications: please send to above contact person of this advertisement using ATTN: MD Search - ABQ Civic Chorus