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Marion Wood

Location: Germany
Freelance Conductor, Choral Director, and Orchestra trainer, Director of Music at University of Exeter UK.
Recently completed a Masters in Psychological Research Methods, with a research project on Piano Sight-reading.
Taking time out to develop phone and tablet apps for singers and young learners.
Conductor of EMG Symphony Orchestra, UK
(all platforms)
play-my-note icon      
Set the clef and key signature, then just press a note to hear it play
SIght-Sing icon          
Structured tonic-solfa sight-singing app with choice of clefs, ranges and keys
that plays notes or solfa syllables at a touch.
Woodchuck Rhythm app:
woodchuck-rhythm icon 
A free and light-hearted app to teach complex rhythms in a memorable way (and save some aliens!)
Free classroom worksheets, font and accompanying materials are at

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