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Stanley Hill

Location: California, USA
Dr. Stan Hill

Dr. Hill brings a unique and very personal approach to vocal study through his experience with singers of all types and ranges as well as his doctoral research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Laryngeal Physiology.

A choral conductor for over 45 years and a former member of the voice faculty at California State University at Fullerton, he has worked with both individuals and voice classes as well as designed and taught Vocal Pedagogy at CSUF.

The serious voice student will be given a thorough diagnosis of the voice profile and then a thoughtful, efficient and rewarding series of pedagogical strategies which will develop the voice, improve the singer’s confidence and achieve a new appreciation for their own instrument.

Lessons are scheduled at the convenience of the student in Dr. Hill’s home studio, conveniently located in Palm Springs, California.

Voice lessons are priced as a result of the diagnosis and the goals and objectives of the singer.

Lessons are range from 30-minutes to 60-minutes depending on the goals and objectives of the singer.

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