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Andrea Myburgh

Location: England, United Kingdom
Andrea Myburg has a vision. A passionate lover of opera and classical music she is totally frustrated by the way serious music is being presented to the public. Her vision aims to change the entire perception of presentation with greater depth of information and a considerably expanded reach.
Furthermore, the vision stretches far beyond the marketing of music. It embraces talented young artists, the hopefuls and the unknowns in their struggle for an identity. 
An only child, Andrea and her parents settled in the U.K. from Pretoria some 20 years ago. Neither a singer, nor a musician, perhaps she is a dreamer. But her dreams are those of reality as she gazes into the evening sky and likens her world of music to brightly shining stars.
"I just see a Milky Way of Music. You stand in awe and recognise the divergent world of music is no different from complexity of the heavens. Some stars are gone, but their light remains and I see Bach and Mozart. Some stars are far bigger and represent our superstars. Others are just being born and I can imagine seeing the stars of tomorrow. Everybody is there. Past, present and future."
Andrea, a talented young lady with strong marketing skills coupled with a generous dose of creativity has little time for the manner in which the media control the marketing of music.
 "It's not about information, it's all about advertising revenue. Same old You Tubes and video clips, promotion of the top names and over-exposure of talent shows and the like."
Something else really bugs her. Andrea claims music organisations promoting their programmes target the above-average income earners. Little wonder classical music and opera retain their elitist image.
Perhaps there is a great deal of truth in her appraisal of the promotion of serious music. There is little doubt advertisers call the tune. Andrea would argue this is being achieved at the expense of the artists, in particular younger ones on the verge of building a career in opera or classical music.
Andrea has cleverly employed the analogy with the Milky Way as a means to offer a better promotional tool, not just for vastly improved information with more transparency, but an opportunity for lesser-known artists to be seen and be heard.
"There's a multitude of categories in the performing arts. Music can be presented in so many different ways. Young artists who struggle to get auditions at opera companies could well shine like a brilliant star in another mode of singing. The sky is full of stars, the world of music is no different. Talent of all descriptions, just waiting for the chance to be noticed."
And this is how Andrea's star was born. Her website ONLY OPERA tells its own story. A Milky Way of Music. A place where artists can post their own material, in whichever way they choose, with or without videos or audios. Also a place where arts organisations can freely promote their events without intervention by agencies and ample opportunities for lovers of good music to tell their own stories. The range of facilities is vast and can best be discovered by navigating on the website.
"It may take time for young artists to change their traditional habit of searching for auditions. It's not easy to break age-old practices, but as more and more artists discover the opportunities and flexibility presented to them by Only Opera, I'm sure many more will be encouraged to use the site."

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