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Manolo Da Rold

Location: Italy
Born in 1976 in Belluno, Italy Manolo Da Rold graduated with a degree in Organ and Organ composition from “A. Steffani” Conservatory in Castelfranco Veneto, and in Sacred Music from “S. Cecilia” Conservatory in Rome with highest honors and laud.
Afterwards he attended many specialized classes and courses with several teachers (G. Graden, J. Busto, L. Rogg, S. Kuret, M. Ciampi, A. Aroma, G. Durighello, C. Pavese, G. Kirschner, N. Stefanutti, B. Zagni, G. Zotto). he performed both as a soloist and in duos and trios with singers and instrumentalists, entering many concerts and national and international organ festivals.
He conducted several vocal and instrumental groups and since 1998 is the conductor of Corale Zumellese in Mel,  a polyphonic mixed choir which performs all over Europe and abroad. Under his direction the choir won many first prizes and special jury prizes in national and international competitions.
He is conductor of the Children's choir “Roberto Goitre”, and of the young choir “Roberto Goitre” in Mel made by twenty teenagers between the ages of twelve and sixteen, which performs in many concerts.

He conducted premiere works of Ivo Antognini, Javier Busto, Piero Caraba, Sandro Filippi, Giorgio Susana, Battista Pradal, Andrea Basevi, and national premieres of, Erlend Fagertun, Trondt Kverno, Piret Ribs Laul.

He publishes with Alliance Music Publications, Ut Orpheus, Sonitus Editions, Edizioni Musicali Europee, ASAC, FENIARCO, his work are in many musical revues as the well-known “La Cartellina”.

He is the artistic director of the International Choral Singing Festival, in Mel, member of theartistic committee of the ASAC Veneto and member of the ACDA (U.S.A.).

He is often appointed as a jury member in competitions of composition and choral performance. He has been a teacher for many choral conducting and composition courses and has spoken at conferences on choral music, ethnomusicology, and music education,  is  teacher of liturgy and choir at the conservatory "E Duni" in Matera and is the director and teacher at the Music Institute of Mel.

He studied theology at the Istituto Superiore di Scienze Religiose “Gregorio Magnoý”and is a member of the Committee on sacred music of the diocese of Belluno and Feltre. He has published books about ancient organs.

He is organist at the archiprestal church of Mel (Ruffati – organ)

Manolo Da Rold lives in Mel, a small town in the Province of Belluno in the middle of Dolomites Mountains,with his wife Rosalba and his little daughter Benedetta; his hobbies are mountain climbing and collecting old postcards.
Manolo Da Rold composer:
  • Ave Maria  
  1. ​​​Coro città di Roma (Rome) Mauro Marchetti conductor 
  2. Corale Zumellese (Belluno) Manolo Da Rold conductor
  3. Ensemble Florilegium Vocis (Bari) Sabino Manzo conductor
  • Laudate Dominum  
  1. Vesna children's choir (Moskow) Averina Nadezhda conductor 
  • O Bone Jesu  
  1. Ass. Gruppo Vocale Novecento (Verona) Maurizio Sacquegna conductor 
  2. Gruppo vocale Choere (Milano) Giuseppe Brambilla Conductor  
  3. Gruppo corale di Bolzano Vicentino (Vicenza) Francesco Grigolo conductor
  • O Magnum Mysterium  
  1. Coro "La Rupe" di Quincinetto (Torino) Domenico Monetta Conductor  
  2. Ass. Gruppo corale Novecento (Verona) Maurizio Sacquegna conductor
  3. Wellington College Chorale (New Zealand) Katie Macfarlane conductor
  4. National competition in Fermo Coro La Rupe 1°prize Domenico Monetta Conductor
  • Vi Adoro  
  1. Pilgrim mission Choir (Korea) Jae-Joon Lee conductor  (concert Poland) 
  2. Schola cantorum Umjetničke akademije (Split - Croatia) Sara Dodig Bacic conductor
  3. Pilgrim mission Choir (Korea) Jae-Joon Lee conductor  (Concert Seoul)  
  4. University of Santo Tomas (Filippine) Fidel G. Calalang Jr. conductor
  5. Coro del conservatorio di Sassari (Sardegna) Clara Antoniciello conductor
  6. Schola Cantorm Sant'Andrea (Treviso) Tarcisio Dal Zotto conductor 
  7. Corale Zumellese (Mel) Manolo Da Rold conductor
  8. Idaho Fine Arts Academy High School Choir (USA)
  • Puer Natus  
  1. Gruppo corale di Bolzano Vicentino (Vicenza) Francesco Grigolo conductor  
  2. Coro Montecimon di Miane (TV) Paolo Vian conductor
  3. Coro Voci del Pasubio (VI) Riccardo Lapo conductor
  • The Lord is my Light (from Sweet three hymns
  1. Coro Con di Lana di Vittorio Veneto Sabrina Carraro Conductor
  • Angelus Domini (Angel fly )  
  1. Coro giovani GES (Vicenza) Stefania Lanaro conductor  
  2. Coro Voci Bianche "Roberto Goitre" (Belluno) Manolo Da Rold conductor 
  • Madrigale Mille
  1. ​Coro Gioacchino Rossini (Sassari) Clara Antoniciello conductor
  • ​Ave Regina Coelorum
  1. Coro da camera del Trentino (Trento) Giancarlo Comar conductor
  • La bela giardiniera (elab.)  
  1. Coro Melos Valbelluna (Belluno) Manolo Da Rold conductor  
  • Hodie Christus natus est  
  1. Gruppo Vocale "Sintagma" (Belluno) Marcello Zanin conductor    
  • Tiritera di tutta la terra  
  1. Coro di Voci Bianche "Cesare Pollini" (Padova) Marina Malavasi conductor  
  • Bella Che dormi  
  1. Gruppo Vocale "Sintagma" (Belluno) Marcello Zanin conductor 
Manolo Da Rold choir director:
Manolo Da Rold organist:

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