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Clarence Prudhoe

Location: Missouri, USA

I have been teaching music and directing choirs for over 40 years.  With a BME and MM in voice, I have worked with many different situations from starting church choirs to directing very accomplished choirs.  I have taught elementary, middle school, high school, and university level choirs and music classes.

In all this experience, the one difficulty has always been how to include non-singers and help them learn to sing.  We've all been there.  You meet your first class for the year and find that a third of the class are non-singers.  What do you do?  The easy thing is to just work with audition choirs where you weed out the non-singers.  But that abandons a large population of students who will NEVER learn the joy of singing.  Even if you know how to help a non-singer learn to match pitch and sing in tune, you likely don't have time to work one on one with each student.

This is why I developed  Our motto is "No Singer Left Behind!"  This includes non-singers.  I am convinced that unless you are truly tone-deaf (a brain deficiency like being color blind) you can learn to match pitch, sing in tune, read notation, and join a choir. uses real time audio/visual biofeedback via microphone input to help a student learn to move his voice and develop the skill of singing.  In the process, students will learn how to read music notation and sing in tune.  Then it is up to the music teacher to teach breath support, vowel placement, tone quality, dynamic interpretation, phrasing, and all the other things that are required to make music. 

MusApp is not just for non-singers.  It includes ear training and sight singing activities that will challenge experienced singers.

We are currently in  the Beta Test phase of this development.  If you would like to exprerience MusAPP, sign up as a Beta Tester by sending me your contact information with your request to be a Beta Tester.

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Clarence Prudhoe


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