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Ian Bullen

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Hello. I've been singing since I was about 4 feet tall - my motto was "have score, will travel", and I did tour and sing in concerts through about 18 countries over a dozen years with various local, university, national, and world choirs. In October 2009 I last got together with many friends in Sweden to watch and sing in the 20th year reunion celebration and performances of the World Youth Choir. My years there were '92, '93, '95 and '99/'00 winter session.
However, work and family life spread across two cities (Vancouver and Victoria) now make a regular weekly choir difficult, but I do occasional concert and tour projects when a fast-reading tenor is needed AND the schedule allows it! As president of Small World (a partner funding ChoralNet) I manage a great staff of people building the best choral music folders available, and go to a fairly wide range of conferences in North America and overseas, to get the word out and to meet current and new customers, and for feedback that helps me design and produce new folders you can see in our expanding line-up at
As a member on the board running a 40-voice women's choir, developing it for sustainability and through the classic stages of organizational evolution ("choir uniforms?" - don't go there!), I'm a choral guy through and through and enjoy what I'm doing.

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