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masoud nekooei

Location: Lebanon


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Biography of Kerman Mehr-e-Vatan Choir Band Director
Masoud Nekooei ,
B.S. in applied, Nuclear physics, Shahid Bahonar state university
M.A. in EMBA, Industrial Management university
DOB: 1977 – Kerman – Iran
Professional background:
"Shoore Bigah" magazine –Chief editor 1999
Director of Music society in Shahid Bahonar University
Basic member of board director of Iran universities music societies
Composer of opening song of Kid’s International Book Festival – Kerman, Iran
Techniques of singing and song
The Bird means the Flight veneration
Purity of feeling
Kind police
An approach to Music
Extracting Musical note from tire noise (Tire Technology Expo2008 Germany)
Range of human's voice in the world
11 And 5 (New Music group assessment model)
Music Benchmarking
System of Music group management  
  • Polyphonic choral pieces with emphasis on Kerman dialect and international music language trying to make some of Kerman's culture, art and industry heard to all. Different pieces of music from different music ears existing Kerman choral repertoire, ranging from middle ages to 20's century, which demonstrates this band's attention to both national-folklore music and western music. We have tried to present different music trends chorally using modern ways, and utilizing each human voice mimicking various orchestra instruments (Scat singing). We are also proud to be able to rearrange and harmonize some national and historical pieces which were monophonic.
    In 2008, Kerman Mehr-e-Vatan Choir Band could perform in Fadjr International Music Festival, and because of its new pieces and performances, received the attention of jury. In 2011 it could stand in 3rd place of Iranian Choirs in Fadjr International Music Festival. Kerman Mehr-e-Vatan Choir Band was invited by some countries such as Argentina, South Korea, Lithuania and the U.S.A.
     Brief Introduction
    KermanMehr-e-Vatan Choir Band comes from the largest province of Iran with more than 12000 years old and 40 ancient tribes to present a number of dialects from 2500 dialects from this province with sweet-sounding accent of Kerman as A cappella choral. These artworks and compositions are first A cappella and Counterpointic Choral works of east country history by performance of Polyphonic Choral band.
    Kerman Mehr-e-Vatan Choir Band in addition to considering the national and local artworks of Polyphonic Choral and creating new art works from the beginning of group formation has attempted to prepare west music eras repertoire which one or two of them are ready to be performed. For example: Middle Ages (Benedicamous-Leonin), Renaissance (Occhimahzamia – AyLinda amiga), Baroque (Bach Choral 52, 53), Classic (Mozart Symphony 40 in Vocal and Piano), Romantic and Contemporary (Conquest of Paradise_Carmina Burana part 1, 2) which some of these artworks and compositions have been performed in Fadjr International Music Festival.
    The aim and the philosophy of producing regarding the cultural interaction of 3 provinces:  Kerman, Sistan-o-Baluchestan and Hormozgan and nice similarities in music. This nice cultural contract has been made in south of Kerman and according to available historical evidences in these 3 provinces, not only Polyphonic or Counterpointic Choral  haven’t been produced, but also except from a few points, second to instrumental of these sections haven’t been orchestrated.
    The Mehr-e-Vatan Choir Band regarding their mission in recomposing the melodies of Kerman in Choral and Orchestral way, they have focused on this important project to make them heard by the world and compatriots since 2008.






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