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Morna Edmundson

Location: British Columbia, Canada
I'm a choral conductor in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I co-founded Elektra Women's Choir with my friend and colleague, Diane Loomer, in 1987.  We co-directed the choir for 22 years, each singing in the choir while the other was conducting.   We were fortunate to experience first hand the worldwide development of women's choirs and I continue to be deeply committed to and energized by the timbres and expressive qualities of this beautiful instrument.   Since the summer of 2009, I have been Elektra's sole Artistic Director.  In the past, I've also led mixed adult choirs, mixed youth choirs, and a men's choir but currently Elektra is my principal instrument.  I also love working with all types of choirs in clinic and concert settings, helping make larger projects happen, and supporting the choral singing habits of two teenagers.

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