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Sverker Zadig

Location: Sweden
is at present conducting the

"Jewish Choir" "Judiska Kören",

is teaching at the secondary school Spyken conducting two choral ensembles,

is conducting the Male choir ensemble "Gubbaröran",

Is playing cello in "Salongsorkestern",

Have been conducting:

Helsingborgs Kammarkör, "Helsingborg Chamberchoir",

Malmö Symfoniorkesters kör, "Malmö Symphony Orchestra Choir",

Dubbelquartetten Frida,

Barnkörerna Juvelerna,

Company choirs at:

Gambro - Lund



Is Chairman of Båstad KammarmusikFörening, "Båstad Chamber Music Association"

Have been a board member and treasurer of the Swedish Choral Directers Association, FSK

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