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Jude Jicha

Location: Wisconsin, USA
I am Joel Richard Jude Jicha, born and raised in northern New Jersey, now a resident of Appleton, Wisconsin where I received my B.Mus. from Lawrence Conservatory in Voice Performance with a secondary focus on Composition.

I am a bass, and I have studied voice under Patrice Michaels-Bedi and John T. Gates with occasional coaching under Bonnie Koestner and Dale Duesing.

My choral work during undergraduate studies in the Lawrence University Concert Choir was with LU's former choral conductor Rick Bjella and post-graduation with Rick, Paul Nesheim, and Phil Swan in the White Heron Chorale, now renamed as NewVoices. I also was employed as a choir director's assistant and cantor at Zion Lutheran Church of Appleton with music director/organist Mary-Kaye Easty for over three years until her passing. I am now a musician/composer in residence with First Congregational UCC under direction of John Albrecht.

My compositional exploits have been guided directly by the late Jennifer Fitzgerald and by Marcos Balter. I have also had the pleasure and influence from having worked with Joanne Metcalf and Samuel Adler, amongst other talented instructors and composers. To date, I have premiered a number of chamber works including: "Three Donne Lectures on Love"(low voice/piano), "Angry Rockin Songs"(voice/piano), "Flirtations and Confrontations"(solo flute), "Saxuliscious!"(saxophone quartet), and "A Salute to the Death of the American Dream"(string quartet). I have also done a wide variety of arrangements from incidental stage music to choral to jazz. I have recently turned my attention to choral settings and hope to soon premiere "There is and old belief" with text by John Gibson Lockhart. My latest choral premiere was at the memorial hymn festival for Mary-Kaye Easty, an exciting arrangement of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".

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